• Clearly Fall is upon us and we are all feeling the nip in the air and seeing the variety of colors abound. When thinking of this season in relation to our outdoor spaces, many of us see the necessity of cleaning up the mounds of leaves that have been bestowed upon our once tidy yards. This Fall, I want to challenge you to think beyond the clean up to the incredible opportunity that Fall presents to create something new in your yards. Simply adding some new vegetation can make all the difference in re-energizing our interest in our yards. Here are a few recommendations for top rated Northwest plants.

    Hellebores: Winter hardy shade perennials. Helleborus x hybridus because of its amazing range of flower colors, including strong yellows, red and the darkest purples. Many Hellebores bloom in winter, and their foliage lasts year-round.

    Lace cap Hydrangeas: Deciduous shrub. Native to China and Japan, these beauties are representative of expressing love, gratitude and enlightenment. Lacecap hydrangeas, with their flat, delicate florets, are long time favorites. Hydrangea ‘Jogasaki’ is an elegant, long-blooming variety, with masses of seriously double flowers in light blue, lavender or purple, depending on soil acidity.

    Dwarf Hinoki Cypress: Pest resistant, low maintenance full sun evergreen. Graceful open fans of varied color provide a nice complement to other evergreens. It may be used as a specimen feature, with other plants in an entry yard planting, or even the edge of a border.