• Fall Gardening Part 3: Fall Gardening Chores vs. Playing Dress Up

    29 Oct 2018 | Blog | Jade Graham

  • Okay, I am going to be quite honest right now. As I am pondering ideas for my next blog in the fall gardening series I find my mind wandering constantly off topic. Mulching, to prune or not to prune, fall lawn care… the beautiful gold of the fall gingko… brilliant red of lace leaf maples… afternoon naps… walks in the forest upon crunchy autumn leaves… movie nights or days… picking out the perfect pumpkin and carving jack-o-lanterns while drinking hot “spiced” cider… the creation of the perfect Halloween costume that is sure to thrill and delight. I digress!

    How about making a point this week to simply have a little more fun, ditch the extra chores. Work a few less hours. Use that time to hang out with yourself, your lover, your kids or friends. PLAY a little, or a lot. Treat yourself to that one indulgence you have been ruminating about… you know the one. Spend some energy loving and appreciating those around you. Give yourself a break! You deserve it.

    I hope my pontification amuses or inspires you in some way this week. We are, of course, still here to take care of those boring Fall gardening chores for you. 360-933-4465.

    Happy Halloween!