• Now is the time to..Mulch, mulch, mulch..A to Z Yard and Cleaning

    28 Jan 2017 | Blog | Jade Graham

  • Late winter/early spring along with late summer/early fall are the ideal times to do your twice yearly top dressing of garden beds. Top dress with 6″ of wood chip mulch and let the soil microorganisms do the work. The benefits to doing so are many. Call A to Z today to set up your free garden mulching estimate 360-933-4465.

    Here are some of the scientifically-proven benefits of mulching:

    Improved soil moisture
    Reduced soil erosion and compaction
    Maintain optimal soil temperatures (up to 50°F in some extreme environments!)
    Increased soil nutrition
    Reduced salt and pesticide contamination
    Improved plant establishment and growth by: a) Improving seed germination and seedling survival, b) enhancing root establishment and transplant survival, c) increasing overall plant growth performance;
    Reduced diseases and pathogens
    Reduced weeds
    Reduce watershed pollution
    Reduced pesticide needs
    Aesthetic improvement (mulched beds are much more attractive than beds of plowed, exposed soil)
    Substantial cost savings (less inputs, higher plant survival rates, less plant maintenance, larger crop yields, etc = big financial savings)

    Call A to Z today to set up your free mulching estimate 360-933-4465!