• Spring is right around the corner. There is much to clean up and trim back after this harsh winter in the Pacific Northwest. There are many benefits to pruning your vegetation in this dormant season. Now is a great time to get this started as spring buds are on their way!

    One of the major benefits of pruning is improved plant structure. Crossing branches and weak crotches are more visible during the winter months. Pruning during this time allows for easier correction of these faults and a better formed shrub or tree. Call us today for your shrub and small tree pruning needs. 360-933-4465

    During the summer, it is common for the area underneath trees to be planted with annual or perennial flowers. Save money and heartache by pruning during the dormant season and thus avoiding damage to fragile plants under your shrubs and small trees. Improved accessibility also makes the job easier and less costly.

    Reduce the risk of spreading disease by pruning during the winter months. During the winter, most woody plants are dormant and so are the many diseases and insects that can potentially invade pruning cuts.

    Dormant pruning is healthy for your plants. Pruning now supplies them with extra root and energy reserves to heal wounds and support vigorous spring growth that will obscure the pruning cuts.

    Call A to Z today for your small tree and shrub pruning estimate! 360-933-4465